"Research in the last couplenof decades suggests that the problem is not so much overt racists. Rather, the larger problem is a broad swath of people who consider themselves enlightened, who intellectually believe in racial equality, who deplore discrimination, yet who harbor unconscious attitudes that result in discriminatory policies and behaviour. " Nicholas Kristof

The world is very far from being post racial. Anyone who even suggests this is living a very privileged life.
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Yes, blackface is racist.


How indeed..:

On being a woman advocate in Harare

"…the sad truth is the safest way to success as an advocate is the emulation of males, even to the extent of learning to speak lower and louder.."

There is something so serene in my son’s face as he lies half sleeping connected to my body, nursing. The peace I see always has me transfixed. I keep telling myself that I need to stop staring, its not normal to feel like you’ve only just seen your child for the first time..after a more than a year of nights like these. But I can’t quite look away. So I don’t, because he’s my perfectly imperfect little miracle. A personal testimony to the intention of all that is. That yes, despite the folly of the human condition imperfect perfection does exist. As does love. When I look down at my son’s face I’m always reminded of that warm August day on which his father and I made him. We were content, happy, in love. So in love in fact that the universe gave us such a beautiful miracle. Perfect in his imperfections.

South Africa, just in case I don't say it often enough, you break my heart.


I was listening to Kaya FM on the morning of Wednesday,16 July and they interviewed Zenzile Khoisan, a vocal Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) investigator, regarding his opinion on Eugene de Kock being denied parole from his 212 year life sentence. He says that he wouldn’t mind if de…